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Monday, June 29, 2015

Three Disturbing Dreams I Had

I have had three disturbing dreams the last two weeks.

The first one:  I was smelling some smoke like there was something burning outside of my house.  I go out and get to the end of the ramp in front of my house and look to the left and I do see smoke coming from the side of my house.  I walk across my driveway about halfway.  I look straight over and there is a Tyrannosaurus Rex running up the hill coming right at me.  I look to the road in front of my house and there is a vehicle shaped like a black cat with a couple of people in it and they are going down the road that leads to the other side of the ravine to their house.  I was scared in that dream  When I awoke I was breathing really hard, like I was scared.

The next night I had that same exact dream.  The difference was that when I saw the T-Rex coming up the hill and running towards me, I said to myself, in that dream, that this is just a dream and I woke myself up.

The next dream was that mys husband and I and Duke were in this park and we were watching Duke run and play and he kept coming back to us and running out to a pole.  We were happy and Duke was happy and we all were happy just watching Duke have a grand time running around.

The last dream that I remember, I was carving a circle in a tree.  I was used a short drill bit to make this circle on the tree.  My husband was with me and we were talking about all the fun times and things that we did together when we first met.  While we were talking I was having trouble making a circle on the tree and that I was making a half of a heart shape instead.  I could not get that drill to do what I wanted it to do.  I mentioned that to my husband and then the dream ended.

I just had to write these done.

What are your thoughts on any of these?

Friday, June 26, 2015


If you were given a planet such as ours and you had to put all kinds of life on it. On this planet you had a specific amount of room for each group of life. 
How would you keep the populations down to that certain level? 

NO Religion in this please. 

I used to play a computer text game in the early to mid 90's that was called Kingdom. In the game you had to grow food for a certain amount of people, You were never given the number of the amount of people that you had to keep.  You had to harvest it. The game had things like Rats that would eat your stores and new people would come to your kingdom and some would leave. 

It was a game of thinking and of stragedy more than anything else.  
I played that for months and still never got it to be perfect or even close to perfect.  

I often killed all the people in my kingdom.

So how would you make yor world keep your life manageable.  

Would you need to kill off something or make one go extinct so that you could make a better species or lofe form?  

Would you grow more food for all or would you make a desaster strike so that it would keep the populations in check?  

Would you use disease to hold down a polulation?