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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Spring Has Sprung In Our Neck Of The Woods

I have to tell you that it is beautiful here in my neck of the woods.  I went out to feed my outdoor cats and heard so many Robins singing their little hearts out.  It is too bad that I could not get pictures of them. I could not see them.  They were still in the trees.  Oh it is still mostly grey and browns out there, but I saw some little leaves on my Knock Out roses peeking out from the stems.  I thought the deer ate them when they came through here the other day.

Our lilac bush is just about to open its leaves.  I do not know if we will get flowers on it this year or not.  Some years we do and some we don’t.  I have no idea why they do or why they don’t. 

Tomorrow we will be transplanting our Heleborus back to where it was last year.  It just does not like its toes pinched in the raised garden we had it in.  It is also getting bud and getting ready to show its pretty flowers.  We will be transplanting the Tall Phlox into that raised garden. They don’t have really deep roots and I do believe that it will spread and fill that box by the end of summer.

We do have to do some maintenance on our gardens as you can see.  It is an every spring event.  The ground rises as it hardens in the winter and then lowers when it is spring.  Along with that we have many animals that like to disturb the boards when they walk on top of them or around then.  I have even seen the cats lay right up against them.  I have seen the deer walk all over them and pull them up when they move their hooves over them.  No deer today!

This is the time of year that we really get busy outside.  It is nice and warm and we do lots of prep-work for the vegetables and flowers that we are going to be planting come the end of April.  Rototilling will also be included in those jobs.  Everything may still be a bit dreary and grey, but there are flowers and trees showing day by day.

I told my husband and everyone else too that I will not be planting vegetables this year.  It is so hard to keep up with the bugs around here and there seems to be a new variety each year.  Alas, it looks like I will be planting some anyway as I could not afford to get many of the bulbs that I would have loved to get for the summer.  I wanted to plant them instead, but I do not like the looks of empty raised beds.

Here are some of the ways that we have tried to keep those pesky bugs off our plants.  I called them Conestoga Wagons, because that is what they look like.  I might have to do that again.  They only problem is that I cannot have those nets over them when they start growing too tall.  I must say though that I do like picking fresh produce from my garden in the summer. 

Are you ready for Spring?  What kinds of things do you do?

© Debra K. Allen a.k.a Lady Guinevere

I researched and wrote this article. Please do not copy and paste any part of this article, picture included for your own use. I will find you and report you for stealing.  It is my right to change any information therein at any time and/or change the location of my article. 

Friday, March 27, 2015

The Plight of Air Travel Today

Plane trip on the way to Denver, Colorado.

I was watching the news about the German Aircraft pilot that murdered himself and all those aboard the airplane. It is so sad to learn this. It is even sadder that all those people that were on that plane were screaming for their lives and could do nothing about it. What is even sadder is that the pilot took it upon himself, in a terrible state of mind, to kill everyone. He thought of nobody else's life. He himself was having some sort of mental disturbance or life experience that the only answer that he could come up with was to plan to kill himself and others on that plane.  It was premeditated!

Now there is a flurry of incidences like this that the pilot planned to kill others and themselves by crashing the plane to end their suffering.  They don't know how they have affected others and brought about mass suffering because of their single act.

They are now discussing how the pilots are trained and screen for all kinds of mental disturbance, flight hours, experience and the like.  They are sort of making a mountain of a mole hill.  Oh, do not get me wrong there is something really wrong with our society and the youth of today.  I have noticed many people between the ages of 22 and 35 doing strange things and having so much anger and destructive behaviours.  I can see this on the news, and on the Internet and in other media.  I do not understand why others do not see it too.  What is happening to the brains in this age group.  Do not tell me that they have a hard life because that is a cop out.  There is something really wrong here and it is not normal. Near the bottom of this article there is a list of the pilots that had crashed planes intentionally.  The ages of them are also listed.  Check it out: DailyMail Germanwings Plane Crash 

Now for the simple solution for the pilots on planes.  It is so simple and would solve all the problems of being locked-out of the cockpit.  All the fluff about mental states and life situations and depression and all that is covering something up.

Why have they not thought of or had it in place from the beginning that all pilots on the plane have a key or key code to the cockpit?  This would prevent someone being locked-out of the cockpit.  It would also insure that anyone who got sick or other mental state that someone could get to them in case of such an emergency.  It is so simple and so cheap and it behoves me to know why they don't have this in place already.

© Debra K. Allen a.k.a Lady Guinevere

I researched and wrote this article. Please do not copy and paste any part of this article, picture included for your own use. I will find you and report you for stealing.  It is my right to change any information therein at any time and/or change the location of my article. 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Who and Where Do Those Studies Come From and What is The Sales Pitch

I posted this some time ago on Bubblews and wanted to bring this up again because of some other reports that I have found very misleading.  Many people actually believe whatever is on the internet, on the television and elsewhere without even researching it themselves.  Here is the article that I wrote and will be adding other things to it.

I just had a conversation about that Face Book study from Michigan University that says that those who use Face Book are sadder and less satisfied.  I don’t think that is entirely true nor did they do a big enough study.  Not enough people to qualify that study to be true.

I think it is all propaganda.  What was their motive for taking such a study in the first place and why would they say such a broad statement about something they must be being paid for.  I mean look at all the studies out there that have been proven wrong and there is a Sales Pitch behind the study.

I hate watching TV anymore because you are not watching the shows.  What you are watching is a plethora of commercials.  My husband come home from work and asks me what I am watching and I say Commercials.  Seriously you are watching 10 minutes of the show and 20 minutes of commercials and they constantly repeat the same ones over and over again. 

Now with Face Book supposedly making us sadder or not satisfied:  Well I would rather be on Face Book than watching the millions of commercials on the TV.  Commercials just make me angry.  Face Book does not.  I have friends and family on there that I can strike up a conversation with.  You can be happy and satisfied with that.

The studies about the McDonald's being the cause of obesity is all false.  I did lots of research in this and came to find out the study was not performed very well.

I found that they took a control group of about 60-80 people who had or had not had any cholesterol problems.  They put these people on a diet of McDonald's hamburgers for 6 weeks.  They were only to eat that for that amount of time.  Of Course one will get sick if that is all they ate every day for 6 weeks.  Who instigated that study in the first place?  What was their purpose?  Why only McDonald's because other fast food places cook their burgers and get them from the top 6 meat packaging plants as McDonald's?  Someone has it out for them and people are believing all the HYPE versus going and doing an UN-biased research on the findings.  

Another example is the pharmaceutical commercials and then the wrongful death from them.  It is so funny to watch how they do these things.  One commercial tells you that brushing your teeth with their brand will help fill in the gaps and holes of your teeth that are missing the enamel.  Then you have another commercial stating that your enamel will never grow back.  
Oh and let us not forget how many years that we have been eating oranges and other citrus foods and those which are destroying our enamel and making us have cavities.  I don't believe their claims one bit.  It's not like we only just now started eating those foods.

So who is behind those kinds of studies anyway?  What is their Sales Pitch?

Do your own homework and don't just look on the first page of google.  Go deeper than that and do your studies in an un-biased way.

© Debra K. Allen a.k.a Lady Guinevere

I researched and wrote this article. Please do not copy and paste any part of this article, picture included for your own use. I will find you and report you for stealing.  It is my right to change any information therein at any time and/or change the location of my article. 

Monday, March 23, 2015

Petition to Repeal OBAMAS Mandatory Health Insurance

If you are stuck, like I am, and do not need nor want this please sign the petition.  I think it is one big scam!
Why do I think it is a big Scam you may ask.

Just do the math.
Monthly premiums cost about $180.00 per MONTH for one that is covered from your work (my husband's work).

Many have a low (ha!) deductible of $1,500.00 and that is how much you have to pay for ONE year alone.  It cannot be rolled over or saved up.

Some procedures are not covered.  My husband needs a procedure for preventative measures and could not get it because it was within that $1,500.00 deductible.  We could not afford that.

Alternative medicine is still not covered in the Health Insurance plans and neither are alternative drugs.

Many do not need those or do not get sick often enough to even really need insurance and you can never get that money that you shell out back.  It is better to have a saving account for your medical needs.

I don't play the "What if" game.  I have not had insurance for years and I have had expensive procedure and paid for them out of my own pocket.  IF I get really sick, well I will deal with it when and IF I ever get there.

NEW!  Many Hospitals and Doctor's offer a payment plan when you don't have Health Insuranc or enough money to pay for their services.
Many of those subsidies that were in OBAMA's plan have quit, leaving the higher subsidies in the program, hence making more money.

They don't consider what you can afford.  They go by the breadwinners salary.  My husband makes about $45.000.00 per year and they want me to pay $500.00 per month....on top of what my husband pays for his health Insurance and add the $1,00.00 deductible with that.  Mind you that is the OBAMACARE Health Insurance at The MarketPlace.

The Government doesn't want you to take control of your own health.  They want you to pump all their chemicals in your body.  Take account and look at your own health.  Their health plans require you to keep going back to the doctors and they keep you on drugs.  It starts with one and then another is added and some even take up to 20 different drugs a day.  That is a SCAM!  They don't care about you.  They care about money and keeping you in their loop.

I signed this petition and I hope that you see how it is a scam and sign the petition too.

Please  Sign The Petition

I did receive a ltter from my State House of Representative and this is what it said:

Dear Mrs. Allen,

Thank you for taking the time to contact me to voice your concerns about the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. Hearing thoughtful opinions from constituents like you is very important to me. 
On February 3, 2015, I voted for H.R. 596, which would repeal Obamacare in its entirety. It passed the United States House of Representatives by a vote of 239-186. 
During his term in office, President Obama has routinely and blatantly forced his policies on the American people. One of his most outrageous policies is the Obamacare law. Obamacare has dismantled the forty-hour work week, raised costs, killed jobs, and put the government between patients and their doctors. 
President Obama made a number of promises to the American people to get his health care law through Congress, but the impacts of the law have been devastating to American families. The President promised that we could keep our insurance, but 7 million fewer people will have employment-based insurance by 2018 according to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO). 
The President promised no new taxes on middle-class families, but Obamacare will result in $770 billion in new taxes, penalties, and fees over a 10-year period. The President even promised that every American would have health care, but despite a projected $1.8 trillion in new spending through 2023, the CBO estimates that 31 million Americans will remain uninsured. 
In the 114th session of Congress, I also co-sponsored the Hire More Heroes Act and the Save American Jobs Act. These bills, which passed the House, save jobs and help America’s veterans by repealing key elements of Obamacare. 
We must halt Obama’s big-government agenda and pass common-sense reforms so that we can start to restore our freedoms as Americans.  West Virginians deserve healthcare solutions that bring costs down for hardworking families and expand access to quality healthcare.  Our state and the nation need more good jobs, not more Federal government mandates. 
Again, I appreciate you taking the time to share your views on the President’s, overreaching healthcare policies. Your communication and feedback is very helpful to me in my role as your U.S. Representative. I look forward to hearing from you as we fight together for our West Virginia values. 
For more information, I encourage you to visit my website at
Alex X. Mooney
Member of Congress

Friday, March 20, 2015

How Close Are We To What Is In The Song?

In The Year 2525

These are the lyrics from the song above that was done way back in the 60's. I am posting it here for the simple fact to use as my illustration to where we are in the scheme of things currently in our society. Read the lyrics. My hub continues after that..........
In the year 2525  If man is still alive If woman can survive They may find
In the year 3535 Ain't gonna need to tell the truth, tell no lies Everything you think, do, or say Is in the pill you took today
In the year 4545 Ain't gonna need your teeth, won't need your eyes You won't find a thing to do Nobody's gonna look at you
In the year 5555 Your arms are hanging limp at your sides Your legs not nothing to do Some machine is doing that for you
In the year 6565 Ain't gonna need no husband, won't need no wife You'll pick your son, pick your daughter too From the bottom of a long black tube
In the year 7510 If God's a-comin' he ought to make it by then Maybe he'll look around himself and say Guess it's time for the Judgement day
In the year 8510 God's gonna shake his mighty head He'll either say I'm pleased where man has been Or tear it down and start again
In the year 9595 I'm kinda wondering if man's gonna be alive He's taken everything this old earth can give And he ain't put back nothing Now it's been 10,000 years Man has cried a billion tears For what he never knew Now man's reign is through But through the eternal night The twinkling of starlight So very far away Maybe it's only yesterday

So we already take a pill for nearly everything that we don't think works the way we think it should and we let others tell us what those are. We have lost touch with the real us. We allow others to take control of our every move, thought and bodies. Then we act shocked when something happens to our bodies we don't understand. Like the song says---everything you think, do or say is in that pill you took today. There are reasons why you get sick and there are reasons why your body has pain. All those drub companies forcing you to watch their commercials are only an easy cover-up to what is really happening in your body. You are allowing them to cover up the symptoms. We must allow pain to tell us the root problem. Pain is in our bodies for a reason--not to just be masked by the pill you take today.  Now they are making you get health insurance and taking our rights away.  It is hard to get away from that.  I have been caught up in that and had to pay a penalty this year.  I won't get health insurace for many reasons.  One is that I do not use chemicals and the health insurance companies do not pay for atlernative health measure and they are trying to get all helath suppliments off the market.  Do I feel pressure to do something that I have a right to do?  You bet!
Some of the reasons that I do not get sick are that I am listening to my body. Meditate and really feel your body. I don't mean touchy feely stuff. I mean when you eat certain foods--what does your body tell you and how does it feel in your mouth all the way down to the end result. Stop and take time to eat. I was always scolded, by my mother, because I ate slowly. I want to taste what I am eating and I want to experience it. I don't want to eat like my dog that wolfs things down in one swallow and I don't even think he tastes it. Life is for experiencing and enjoying the ride, not hurrying up to get to the destination.

Take your time and smell the roses. Eat your meals slowly. Don't rush. Make time for things and events. Don't do them just because you think you should; do them because you want to. Live----really live. Take control over the things that you were meant to take control of--your own body and mind. Take self responsibility----stop letting others control you................ and feel, really feel yourself. Pay attention to your body.

When you get stressed stop stressing and take a deep breath or three or four.  Go outside and breath in deep the fresh air and let out the bad air.  Feel it course through your body.

We have been doing and have done the Test Tube Baby.  That test tube baby has a family and children of her own.  We are getting much closer to finding and knowing how the genetic code works and what things that it causes when things are missing.  Women will survive because without us men will never rule the planet. We are the vessle that new life is formed and you cannot have a future if you don't have that. All this before the year 2525.  Amazing isn't it?

We are in an amazing times here on this planet!  Look how far technology has come.  Heck we did not have computers or cell phones when I grew up but there are many of them now.  It hasen't even been 50 years!  Look at the medical field.  It is amazing!  Space exploration, amazing!  New life forms on the planet are forming and taking over the older ones.  Maybe it is right for things to go extinct to make way for new ones and better ones.  Speaking of the pill that you took today, they have pills that you swollow that have a camera inside of them that allows surgeons to see what happens in your body.  

It truly is a Wonderful World

© Debra K. Allen a.k.a Lady Guinevere

I researched and wrote this article. Please do not copy and paste any part of this article, picture included for your own use. I will find you and report you for stealing.  It is my right to change any information therein at any time and/or change the location of my article. 

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Are You Sure Your New Car Isn’t an Unfixed Recall?

ABC news had a report on Recalled Cars that are being sold as new cars.  You do know about all the recalls the manufacturers have sent out to the media, don’t you? You trust that they fix those defects in all those cars that get recalled before they are sold again.  Not so.  ABC has went all over the states to find out if they are or are not beings fixed before they are re-sold.  They found that they are not.  The cars have the new car small and all of that and you think that you are buying a new car but you have to do your own homework here yet again.  By law they are not permitted to resell a car that had been recalled until they have fixed the problem.  A girl got killed when she drove a “new” car that was supposedly fixed after a recall.  That was what got the news to look into this.  Yep, as always it takes a death before something is done.

Who is supposed to monitor these things in the auto world?  There is a company in Washington D.C that does or is supposed to do that and it should not be left up the news reporters for investigating into this activity  or lack of.  The agency is NHTSA, “NHTSA was established by the Highway Safety Act of 1970 and is dedicated to achieving the highest standards of excellence in motor vehicle and highway safety. It works daily to help prevent crashes and their attendant costs, both human and financial. They should be the ones that are regulating this activity.

There is help though and you should do this before you buy a new car.  Go to site and enter the vehicle’s VIN and see if the vehicle was recalled and if the problems were fixed. 

Aren’t you tired of having to do that all the time with everything from groceries to car and houses even?  Ridiculous isn’t it?

Here we go in China too!

Chrysler to recall 60,000 SUVs in China over ABS braking issue

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV's China unit will recall over 60,000 sport-utility vehicles in the country due to issues related to the cars' anti-skid braking (ABS) systems, a Chinese regulator said in a statement on Tuesday.
China's General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ) said that under certain situations the ABS system could malfunction, raising the risk of collision and injury.

15 New Cars To Avoid

Among them are the Smart Car for 2, Scion iQ, Nissan Titan, Nissan Armada, Mitsubishi Mirage, Mitsubishi  iMiEV, Lincold MKT, Lincoln MKS, Jeep Wrangler/Wrangler Unlimited, Jeep Patriot, Jeep Compass, Fiat 500L, Dodge Journey, Cadillac XTS, BMW 7 Series.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Google Just Announced Another New Ranking Adjustment | WebProNews

Google just announced that it is cracking down on doorway pages with a new ranking adjustment, which will launch soon. Doorway pages have historically been known as pages created specifically to get in search results for various queries, and then send users to a different page. 

This practice has long been against Google’s quality guidelines, but that’s hardly stopped people from trying it. In 2005, Google’s Matt Cutts advised people not to hire an “assclown SEO that makes doorway pages with sneaky redirects,” and that advice still holds up today, apparently more than ever. 

Google Just Announced Another New Ranking Adjustment | WebProNews:

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Happy St, Patrick's Day!

I hope that your are in the green and that you find your rainbow today.

Well yesterday was good until the afternoon when my dryer broke.  We do not have the money to fix it and so I will be line-drying my laundry again.  Good thing this didn't happen in the winter.  I love the fresh smell of the clothes that have been sun kissed and freshened by the breeze.  

I have a lost cat that came and is staying on my back deck.  I am trying to find it a home.  I do not know his name but he is not neutered.  He is an indoor cat because he wants to come into my house.  I cannot let him do that being having all his scent stuff that he sprays.  I have put his picture up on facebook, but no one has claimed him.  I think that he was left here by someone who only comes up to this mountain once in a blue moon.  It is sad, because if I don't find him a home I will keep him and I already have too many cats as it is.  I do not have the money for another cat.  Anyway here is his picture:

This year I am going to be planinting bulbs in my gardens at the top of my yard.  I have to sit down today and plan what plants that I want to plant and which raised garden to plant them in.  It would be much appreciated if someone of you could give me suggestions.
Here are my gardens:

Well I am off for breakfast and reading and writing.

Have a wonderful day!

Monday, March 16, 2015

How Was Your Weekend?

We had a windy weekend.  I was hoping to be able to open my windows, but did not get that chance because it was just a bit too chilly.  Today will be a much better day to do that.  

We moved furniture around and cleaned the house really good.  When we took the bed apart the frame was full of Duke's fur.  I swear we got another Duke out of all the fur that was on the carpet under the bed and on the wall the bed was on!  We vacuumed all that up and filled the vacuum cleaner bag up.  Then I brushed him and then put that fur out in the tri-wired basket that hangs on our back deck. I did this for the birds, s that they can make nests out of it.  That they did because within a couple of hours the fur was all gone.

I worked on some posts here too.  I have pulled them off of my HubPages because they were unpublished and had been for quite some time.  Those were the ones that would never meet the ever-changing QAP (Quality Assessment Process) over there.  A few I really had to do some major work on but got them done.  Those two are scheduled to post on Wednesday.  They link to each other, but I can't post the correct link until they are published.  They are scheduled to go out at 8:00 in the morning Eastern Time.  You may want to wait until about 9:00 in the morning before you read them.  I hope to have the links in those two by then.

I posted some posts in the Divine Dispatch.  I have a really good one scheduled to go live on Friday afternoon, which is just in time for your weekend reading.

I am still working on a post him my Mostly Ghostly blog.  It is about the Martinsburg Round House.  There is lots of information to digest in putting that together.  I also want to add to that the various other railroad journeys throughout the United States.  THAT is going to take some time.

If you had not noticed already, I have started a blog on Sidney's life with us on my AnimalTales blog.  I also have added a few more blogs to that one as well that are very important for any who owns a pet or takes care of them outside. I also added a recipe for Home-made Dog Treats. Check it out!

Since it is Brain Injury month I have posted in several places my post about the Brain and all the Injuries and the information thereof.

Do come back often as I am always added and scheduling posts on my blogs!

See you next time!  Have a wonderful week ahead!

A Favorite Poem of Mine

This is one of my all-time favorite poems by Robert Frost. When in College we took it apart verse by verse. Most of the people and even my professor thinks that this is a dreary poem about death, but I had a different view--as I always do- about the meaning of the poem. Here it is and what I think it all means is after:

Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening, by Robert Frost

Whose woods these are I think I know.
His house is in the village though;
He will not see me stopping here
To watch his woods fill up with snow.

My little horse must think it queer
To stop without a farmhouse near
Between the woods and frozen lake
The darkest evening of the year.

He gives his harness bells a shake
To ask if there is some mistake.
The only other sound's the sweep
Of easy wind and downy flake.

The woods are lovely, dark and deep.
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.

Well I think it is about someone who has been on a long journey and is passing by one of their neighbor's house on their way home.  Back then houses were far from each other--like a mile or more in the country.  This guy in the poem says that he has many miles to go before he sleeps.  Now in the way they travelled back then, in horse a carriage, even a mile would seem like a lot if they were out in the snow and cold.  I see it as this guy can't wait to get out of the cold and snow.  I feel that this guy is wanting some warmth in his bed and some food in his belly.  He seems to be longing for a time that he can finally sleep in a warm and dry place.

That is how I understand it all.

How about you?  Do you see it dreary or like a yearning to get some sleep in his warm bed or do you see it differently than those two?

Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Geese Are Here, The Geese Are Here!

I know it is spring now.  When I went out to feed the outdoor cats and fill up the indoor cat buckets, I heard them.  It was only a few, but I heard the Canadian Geese.  That is a sure sign of spring!

Yesterday my husband saw a Cardinal at the bird bath.  That is another sure sign that spring is here.

I have also heard that rat-tat-tat-tat of the woodpeckers finding food in the trees.  Those drive me nuts because they are very early risers.  I guess the saying is true, at least for them...the early bird catches the worm.

My hyacinths are popping out of the ground and soon my daffodils will be too.  We have leafe buds on our lilac bushes too.  I love spring!  We are getting lsome of that liquid sunshine this morning and by afternoon it will be just cloudy with some sun peaking through and it will be warm.  I will give this house a breath of fresh air and open the windows, completing my Spring Cleaning.

For the last couple of days I have also been cleaning this house and moving furniture around and I am very tired today.  While doing the bedroom and moving the furniture around in there I thik that we found another Duke and his fur was all over everything. and stuck to everything and everywhere.  He will get a good brushing today too.

I also am going to be making something in the crock pot for dinner and making a banana bread for breakfast the rest of the week.

Today I am going to relax and we are going to stroll through the Martinsburg Mall where they are having their Home Show.

Have you seen or heard signs of spring?

Friday, March 13, 2015

Spring Cleaning and such!

Spring is here and I now it.  The air doesn't though, but the sun does.The air is chilly and in the early Spring it is the old turn the heat on in the morning and turn it off and open the windows in the afternoon.  So the sun is out this morning but it is only 34 degrees right now.  It is going to be getting up into the mid-50's today.  WooooHoooo!

Yesterday my husband was raking the old dead leaves from the gardens and we found some hyacinths popping up out of the ground.  He was going to leave them bare but then I heard on the weather that it was going to below freezing and he had to cover them up again.  We also have some leaf buds on our lilacs bush.

For some odd reason, well maybe not too odd.  I changed the office furniture around last night.  That was started after I cleaned the kitchen floor really good.  That was what started the spring cleaning.  Well actually Charlie the cat started it all when he pulled the water dish across the floor and it got all wet.  I did not have a choice but to mop the floors and clean the standing mats in front of the stove and sink.  That starts me to be akin to a tornado, only it isn't destructive, it is productive.

The bedroom is next tonight.  I have wanted to change it around for weeks and now that I got all this energy we are going to do it tonight, while I still have that energy.  I could do it by myself but there are no handles on the mattress for me to pull it off the bed.  I do not know why they choose not to put them on the mattresses anymore.

I hope that your Spring is going great.  I know the northeast will get another round of snow and that is too bad.  They had had their share this year.  Ohio isn't looking much better with all the ice from the major rivers breaking off and going do stream.  Flooding galore there in those towns.  Not good.

Have a Great Day!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

What I Saw At The Shopping Center

We always go shopping on Wednesday afternoons every other week because that is when my husband gets paid. Last night was no different and the last stop that we make is to the PetsMart in the shopping center that is on our way home.  Well we went in and picked up some cat food and some cat litter.  We also use Ever Clear now and they seem to be the only store that carries it.  I also got one of those kitty lights that my cats just love to chase the red dot around the floor.  Eh, I spoil them.
Sidney is all finny.  All I have to do is touch the thing and he is up and ready to chase.  I wish that Charlie was that way.  He needs to lose some weight but he is so lazy.  I just keep on trying.  Heck he and Sidney got into a stand off on the bed yesterday.  It will take a bit more time before everyone plays.  Sidney has only been here sine two weeks before Christmas.

Anyway, I saw the strangest cloud formations when we came out of the store.  I just had to take a picture of them.  Though pictures are supposed to show what is there these do noting to what I really saw or what it really looked like.

There were a few clouds that looked like those tops kids used to play with way back in the days of my youth.  They also hung really low.  It was almost like you could touch them.  I have never seen clouds like that and so I took the pictures to show you what they looked like and here they are:

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Good Wednesday Morning An Update On My Progress

It has been a very busy week this week getting all my blogs together and looking good.  I hope that you are visiting them as there is new things to read and comment on.

For starters I wrote about Sidney and Nikki on my Animal Tales blog.  That was just the beginning and the little bit of background for you.  I will write more on that in the next few days.

I also added more to the Gardening blog for you.  I do hope that you enjoy bringing nature into your back yard, side yard or just around your house with the new blogs that I have posted.

I am presently working on some blogs for my Mostly Ghostly blog.  I have things written but just need to find the pictures and add them to it.

In-On-Above Mother Earth also has some new things there for you to engage in discussions about.

The Divine Dispatch also has more blogs for you to read and consider in your everyday life.
I am working on the Whole Body Health blog and just need to find the picture for it.  It should be up and live on Wednesday morning.

My Poetry blog has more poetry for you to enjoy.

Finally my Eat Your Food blog will have more things on it in the next week or so.  Sorry that it is taking me so long, but I can only do some much at a time on here.

See you later!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

We got a lot of snow today.  Duke loves to be out with his daddy when his daddy shovels.  Duke hates it when he has no place to potty on the ground.  His daddy cleared out a small place, but for the most part it was icly under the snow.

Duke is our dog and is in teh picture at the right.  This pisture was taken in 2009, but we have about that much today and this culd have been the same scen today.

Duke has arthritis in his back near when his legs connect.  He got that one day getting out of the car and soething justhappened.  My husbad was doing something on the other side of the car when I watch Duke jump out and then could not move and was yelping and crying in pain.  We took him immediatley to the vets and that was when they diagnosed him with arthritis in his back.  He was put on some pain killers and some glucosamin and some other drugs for a while.  Every now and then he will be in pain and so stiff that we need to give him his pain killers.

Duke also went through a horrible time when he had gotten Vertigo.  I took him 6 months to be almost to the point that he was before he got his arthritis.  You can read about what the signs and symptoms of what Vertigo vs what a stoke looks like on my article:  Vertigo In Dog's and Cats.

Well after Daddy (Dennis) shoveled the driveway,the plow came through and he got to take Duke for his walk.  Now Duke already had his dinner and gave him his painkillers for the night and he got his walk.  He will be snoozing the rest of the night.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Welcome and Pardon My Dust

I am rearranging, updating, adding and deleting things on my blogs.

It has been quite some time since I last did anything with them.

From today to about a couple of weeks I will be refurbishing things around here.  You may find a post in one place today and it be in another place or blog tomorrow.
I understand that this is difficult for those who like to see things neat and tidy.

It will be once I get through sifting through all these blogs and posts, making some pages and adding links and other things as well.  If you see anything that interests you or that you like please leave me a comment.

I hope to see you around.  I can't wait to share, converse and interact with you.  I want to make this a fun place with stuff to do read and learn.

See You Again!