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Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Aromas, Sounds and Gift Ideas for a Wonderful Holiday Morning

A Warm and Cozy House In The Winter

101 West $th Street, Oil City, Pa.  This is where my huband grew up at.

The Silence In The Early Morning
You are the first to open your eyes and you take in the sounds of silence that permeates the air. You get out of your comfy nest and put on your feet down on the warmth of your soft, plush carpet. You slip your feet into your warm and fluffy slippers. That nice soft and warm bathrobe is calling out for you to put on before you slip out the bedroom door to start your day.  If you have a fireplace you most certianly want to start a fire there before you start your day full of family, fun and friends.

The Fireplace That we all used to gather around.

First Things First
As you enter the kitchen your mind fills with all the kinds of goodies you are going to be making for breakfast. First things first though your have to start the coffee brewing. You want to be the first one to get the first cup to wake you up. As you fill your Krups combination expresso cappuccino, latte machine and coffee maker, the aroma of fresh brewed coffee starts filling the room with o most wonderful eye opening aroma. You have the first cup and go sit in the big comfy soft chair and enjoy your coffee in silence before everyone else wakes up. You are so glad that your coffee maker is a ten cup one and is enough to feed your family and are also glad that the expresso part will fill 4 cups of the elixir of cappuccino for those who also like that instead of the coffee.

Mary Allen, My Mother-In-Law cooking in the kitchen.

Some Nice Music

As the rich and inviting aroma of coffee lingers through the air and reaches the far corners of the bedrooms. It wakes the sleepy heads out of bed and brings then to the kitchen for the hearty breakfast. Each one is also in their bathrobe and slippers. One by one they come into the warm and sweet smells that drift throughout the kitchen and into the rest of the house. Somewhere in between you fixing the coffee and your family arriving in the kitchen you put a CD of holiday music in your Sony Under-cabinet CD clock radio playing in the background. It has 15 presets, auto set clock and a cooking timer, and a holder so you can connect and listen to digital music. What a perfect Holiday morning.

The Smell of Food Wakes Everyone Up
Mom has pancakes on the electric griddle. The crackling of frying bacon on her new Lodge cast iron reversible grill/griddle is music to your ears and makes your tummy grumble more for the breakfast you are about to eat. Oh the smell of bacon frying wakes anybody up. The smell of the pancakes coupled with that of the sausage and bacon makes you anticipate the filling of your tummy.

Banana, Walnut and Raisin Bread Recipe
Along with these things there is a huge plate full of different kinds of breads. One of my favorites is on the plate. It is a very simple recipe. It is Banana, Walnut, and Raisin Bread. For the recipe you need three really ripe bananas, 2 eggs and a box of yellow cake mix. That is all there is.
Now you preheat the oven to 350 degrees.
While it is getting hot you dump in the mashed bananas, yellow cake mix and eggs and mix with your brand new KitchenAid mixer for about 2 minutes.
Then you add the chopped walnuts and the raisins and stir them in.
Spray the pan with some cooking oil spray and pour the cake mix in the pan.
You can use any size or shape of pan that you want including a loaf pan.
Cook by the directions on the cake mix box.
Cool for about 10 minutes and then flip over onto a platter.

This bread can be frozen too.

Cookies and Cakes!
After Mom cleans up the kitchen she gets out all the baking sheets to start making cookies. This year she is trying out her new Wilton Cookie Master Plus Cookie Press. The set Includes 12 metal disks in classic and seasonal shapes, 4 accent tips for decorating and filling, 2 recipe booklets, a unique dough guard. She wants to start baking new cookies this year and is eager to make some appetizers and other snack things. She is also thinking about cake decorating too.

Watching Movies
Everyone is finishing up their breakfasts and is starting to move towards the living room to watch a good movie or two.   What more could anyone want?

While they are doing that Mom is finishing up the dishes, has her final cup of coffee and joins the rest of her family in the living room. Everybody is talking, laughing and having a grand time. Someone mentions a game of football in the back yard. Dad said that it will be later in the afternoon but first he wants to sit and let his big breakfast settle and watch some more Hoiliday movies.

© Debra K. Allen a.k.a Lady Guinevere

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