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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter Everyone!


I hope that you are having a very nice Easter with friends and family.  Today I took pictures of some of the plants, trees and flowers that I have growing in my yard and gardens.
Daffodils almost ready!

Lilac leave are popping and will be unfulred in about a week or so!
I do hope that we get flowers this year.  I love the smell or Lilacs.

Daffodils up close.

Hyacinths poking up out of the ground.
Get up sleepy heads!

The Ivy is really starting to take off.

Another picture of the ivy that I have planted in the old iron tub.
It is up against the front of the house.
We used an old daybed frame for the trellis.

The holly that we planted a few years ago is getting bigger year by year.

My White Hellebore

We also started on the raised gardens.  Thought we do not plant things until after my birthday, I want to get the preperations done before that.  Today was a very nice day for that kind of work.  It is suppsed to be soggy come Tuesday all the way to Friday.  Getting the first projects underway is a good thing becasue you never know what is going to be happening at any given time that will change your plans.

I wrote my first entrance into my Garden Journal on my Gardening blog.  There I have all the pictures of what we did today.

This is what they looked like 2 years ago.
The will have different plants in thiem this year.

We will be setting in the post on the Bird feeder.  We have it moved, we just have to dig the hole deeper and level it out.  We have a problem with digging the hole deeper as my husband said that he hit rock.  So that will be finished another day, when we figure out how to get the hole deeper.

I just love playing in the dirt and planting things!  It is a very good stress reliever and I love watching things grow.

How about you?

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  1. This post reminds me that I need to clean up my little container garden. I like all of your raised beds with flowers.

  2. Well if it wasn't raining all day I would have gotten pictures of my Daffodils that bloomed today. The rains was so heavy at times bu the time I did get to go out they were all leaning over. It is supposed to rain all day tomorrow too.