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Friday, April 10, 2015

Writing as Art

Do you think handwriting is a lost form?  With the inception of the internet most people are thinking that writing is on the way out.  That simply is not true.
In the early years of your education you learn to write in cursive.  It is an artistic form of writing and you used it in every day writing since then.  Now some people are saying that they do not need to teach that anymore and the block writing that is more often than not easier to read.  It has started as simplly in your education all the way up to what beuty writing can be as Caligraphy.

I do not think that it will ever go out of style to write in cursive.  There ae many ways that you use it as writing your signature.  Thought there is the new internet and that many things can be used to give your credence to things you will always use your signature and also print out your name in various places.  Some of those that demand your written signature and also your printed name are on loans.  Have you recently bought a new car?  Did you have to sigh and print your name on about 12 pages of papers to get that car?  How about when you go to the grocery store and that you use your credit or debit card, you also had to sing your name on the credit card receipt.  When you got a mortgage, you also had to put your signature and print your names on that as well.  Notary Publics sign their names to all kinds of legal documents as well.  I do not think that teaching cursive writing is ever going to go out of style or use.

Writing has been a form of art form thousands of years.  Writing is big business.  Just take a look at what kinds of things they sell in all kinds of stores from Dollar Stores to Grocery stores and Office supply stores.  You can buy stationery sets, drawing tablets, paper, pens rulers, colored pens, colored pencils, pens that have smells of good things.  What do you think of when you smell blueberries or strawberries?  How about the smell of apple pie?  Doesn’t that get your memories going and your creativity started?
Papermate and Bic are huge makers and suppliers of colored ink pens. All the colors of the rainbow are at your fingertips.  Use your imagination or get it all going by using colored ink in your correspondence and other things that you write.

Apple Tarts, Debra Allen
Mr. Sketcher is a company that sells scented markers.  Imagine smelling an orange and drawing a picture of an orange grove.  How about the smell of the blueberry and moments later you have drawn a blueberry pie.  Your canvas can be of white drawing paper to colored paper and imagine writing a letter to your love or children with these and share your imagination and foster their imaginations when they open their stationery that you hand-picked for them.  Another company sells pens that smell like Lavender, Pina Colada and coffee.  How’s that to wake you up in the morning?  Did you know that a simple aroma can bring memories to you that you once though lost?  Yes, indeed.  Science has found that the sense of smell can trigger memories of all kinds to the individual.  Color can too and is used to manipulate emotions of all kinds. 

Don’t you just want to go write or doodle right now?  Go ahead and use your cursive and imagination to sign, write and draw your life.

© Debra K. Allen a.k.a Lady Guinevere

I researched and wrote this article. Please do not copy and paste any part of this article, picture included for your own use. I will find you and report you for stealing.  It is my right to change any information therein at any time and/or change the location of my article. 


  1. I think handwriting will never go away, but it won't necessarily be cursive. Cursive is just a particular style of handwriting, and while it looks very artistic in calligraphy, it is very hard to write quickly and legibly in that particular style. For people who are in a hurry or for those with serious hand eye coordination problems, italic is a better style of handwriting. Not all the letters are joined in that particular style, but it is still not printing.

    Some people are pushing the idea that cursive in particular, because of its joined letters, improves brain function and academic achievement. Anyone who grew up in Israel or spent some time in Taiwan knows this is not true. In Israel we have a handwriting style that is different from print but the letters are not joined. In Taiwan children are taught each stroke in a character. The pen has to be lifted from the paper for each stroke. They are not joined, but it requires much skill. Both the children in Israel and in Taiwan outperform those in the US academically. So cursive is not everything.

    Nevertheless, calligraphy can be a very artistic hobby, and that, I am sure, will never go out of style.

    1. I was also thinking of Chinese and Japanese writing styles too while writing this article up. You are correct, many of those writing styles lift up their pens after each stroke. They also have the lines more in tune with a brush and not a point of a pen.
      Now in the US we also had, not sure if it is still used, a writing style called shorthand. I took tht in my 12th grade and it messed my writing up badly and I never did get that beauty back.