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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Who and Where Do Those Studies Come From and What is The Sales Pitch

I posted this some time ago on Bubblews and wanted to bring this up again because of some other reports that I have found very misleading.  Many people actually believe whatever is on the internet, on the television and elsewhere without even researching it themselves.  Here is the article that I wrote and will be adding other things to it.

I just had a conversation about that Face Book study from Michigan University that says that those who use Face Book are sadder and less satisfied.  I don’t think that is entirely true nor did they do a big enough study.  Not enough people to qualify that study to be true.

I think it is all propaganda.  What was their motive for taking such a study in the first place and why would they say such a broad statement about something they must be being paid for.  I mean look at all the studies out there that have been proven wrong and there is a Sales Pitch behind the study.

I hate watching TV anymore because you are not watching the shows.  What you are watching is a plethora of commercials.  My husband come home from work and asks me what I am watching and I say Commercials.  Seriously you are watching 10 minutes of the show and 20 minutes of commercials and they constantly repeat the same ones over and over again. 

Now with Face Book supposedly making us sadder or not satisfied:  Well I would rather be on Face Book than watching the millions of commercials on the TV.  Commercials just make me angry.  Face Book does not.  I have friends and family on there that I can strike up a conversation with.  You can be happy and satisfied with that.

The studies about the McDonald's being the cause of obesity is all false.  I did lots of research in this and came to find out the study was not performed very well.

I found that they took a control group of about 60-80 people who had or had not had any cholesterol problems.  They put these people on a diet of McDonald's hamburgers for 6 weeks.  They were only to eat that for that amount of time.  Of Course one will get sick if that is all they ate every day for 6 weeks.  Who instigated that study in the first place?  What was their purpose?  Why only McDonald's because other fast food places cook their burgers and get them from the top 6 meat packaging plants as McDonald's?  Someone has it out for them and people are believing all the HYPE versus going and doing an UN-biased research on the findings.  

Another example is the pharmaceutical commercials and then the wrongful death from them.  It is so funny to watch how they do these things.  One commercial tells you that brushing your teeth with their brand will help fill in the gaps and holes of your teeth that are missing the enamel.  Then you have another commercial stating that your enamel will never grow back.  
Oh and let us not forget how many years that we have been eating oranges and other citrus foods and those which are destroying our enamel and making us have cavities.  I don't believe their claims one bit.  It's not like we only just now started eating those foods.

So who is behind those kinds of studies anyway?  What is their Sales Pitch?

Do your own homework and don't just look on the first page of google.  Go deeper than that and do your studies in an un-biased way.

© Debra K. Allen a.k.a Lady Guinevere

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  1. You make some good points. Most studies have a built in bias.

    I don't watch network TV, anymore, but I do watch Netflix on my computer. No commercials! Of course, what I watch still has a bias, and I am sensitive to that.

    I like being on social media like Facebook and Twitter and Google + because I know the people who recommend the articles. I know their bias, and I keep it in mind. I also particularly enjoy reading articles written by people I know.

    1. For some reason I could not get here to reply. I got to the new message and then click to publish it but it took a few times for it to show up. I also see things from both or all sides now too. Some things are just too hard to believe for me and so I will go do research on it and not just the first page on google. Those who do not want the truth to be known will push those that are truthfull way down on like the 3rd or 4th pages of search engines. You really have to find that needle in the haystack when it comes to the news and all these studies against a corporation such as McDonald's. I try to get to the ROOT of the things verses what they want us to see.