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Monday, March 16, 2015

How Was Your Weekend?

We had a windy weekend.  I was hoping to be able to open my windows, but did not get that chance because it was just a bit too chilly.  Today will be a much better day to do that.  

We moved furniture around and cleaned the house really good.  When we took the bed apart the frame was full of Duke's fur.  I swear we got another Duke out of all the fur that was on the carpet under the bed and on the wall the bed was on!  We vacuumed all that up and filled the vacuum cleaner bag up.  Then I brushed him and then put that fur out in the tri-wired basket that hangs on our back deck. I did this for the birds, s that they can make nests out of it.  That they did because within a couple of hours the fur was all gone.

I worked on some posts here too.  I have pulled them off of my HubPages because they were unpublished and had been for quite some time.  Those were the ones that would never meet the ever-changing QAP (Quality Assessment Process) over there.  A few I really had to do some major work on but got them done.  Those two are scheduled to post on Wednesday.  They link to each other, but I can't post the correct link until they are published.  They are scheduled to go out at 8:00 in the morning Eastern Time.  You may want to wait until about 9:00 in the morning before you read them.  I hope to have the links in those two by then.

I posted some posts in the Divine Dispatch.  I have a really good one scheduled to go live on Friday afternoon, which is just in time for your weekend reading.

I am still working on a post him my Mostly Ghostly blog.  It is about the Martinsburg Round House.  There is lots of information to digest in putting that together.  I also want to add to that the various other railroad journeys throughout the United States.  THAT is going to take some time.

If you had not noticed already, I have started a blog on Sidney's life with us on my AnimalTales blog.  I also have added a few more blogs to that one as well that are very important for any who owns a pet or takes care of them outside. I also added a recipe for Home-made Dog Treats. Check it out!

Since it is Brain Injury month I have posted in several places my post about the Brain and all the Injuries and the information thereof.

Do come back often as I am always added and scheduling posts on my blogs!

See you next time!  Have a wonderful week ahead!

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