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Thursday, March 5, 2015

We got a lot of snow today.  Duke loves to be out with his daddy when his daddy shovels.  Duke hates it when he has no place to potty on the ground.  His daddy cleared out a small place, but for the most part it was icly under the snow.

Duke is our dog and is in teh picture at the right.  This pisture was taken in 2009, but we have about that much today and this culd have been the same scen today.

Duke has arthritis in his back near when his legs connect.  He got that one day getting out of the car and soething justhappened.  My husbad was doing something on the other side of the car when I watch Duke jump out and then could not move and was yelping and crying in pain.  We took him immediatley to the vets and that was when they diagnosed him with arthritis in his back.  He was put on some pain killers and some glucosamin and some other drugs for a while.  Every now and then he will be in pain and so stiff that we need to give him his pain killers.

Duke also went through a horrible time when he had gotten Vertigo.  I took him 6 months to be almost to the point that he was before he got his arthritis.  You can read about what the signs and symptoms of what Vertigo vs what a stoke looks like on my article:  Vertigo In Dog's and Cats.

Well after Daddy (Dennis) shoveled the driveway,the plow came through and he got to take Duke for his walk.  Now Duke already had his dinner and gave him his painkillers for the night and he got his walk.  He will be snoozing the rest of the night.


  1. I feel bad for Duke. One of our dogs had that problem and we put her on Pet Tabs, glucosamine chondroitin with shark cartilage. She never had to be on pain pills after that. Rimadyl works, but it will mask the pain. It’s a prescription and works better in an older dog. On young dogs it’s like having a pep pill and they sometimes actually get hurt thinking they can do things. Hope Duke feels better soon.

    1. Thank you for visiting. I am glad that he doesn't need it that often. Winter is the worst though and he is 14 years old now. All it makes him do is be able to walk without any pain. He is a very good dog, but through all of this "special" care that he got to get him through his Vertigo and not eating, he now thinks that he needs to eat what we are eating and won't eat his kibble. He is spoiled rotten, but we had no choice becasue while going through the Vertigo he was able to eat anything and we had to give him cooked chicken and rice and also some vegetables too to give him a balance diet. He will bark at us when he wants something we have and I have to be the meany and tell him no.

  2. Pretty Duke. And wow, that's a lot of snow.

  3. Dawn Thanks and I think that he thinks that he is pretty hansome too. lol Thanks for visiting my new blog.