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Friday, March 27, 2015

The Plight of Air Travel Today

Plane trip on the way to Denver, Colorado.

I was watching the news about the German Aircraft pilot that murdered himself and all those aboard the airplane. It is so sad to learn this. It is even sadder that all those people that were on that plane were screaming for their lives and could do nothing about it. What is even sadder is that the pilot took it upon himself, in a terrible state of mind, to kill everyone. He thought of nobody else's life. He himself was having some sort of mental disturbance or life experience that the only answer that he could come up with was to plan to kill himself and others on that plane.  It was premeditated!

Now there is a flurry of incidences like this that the pilot planned to kill others and themselves by crashing the plane to end their suffering.  They don't know how they have affected others and brought about mass suffering because of their single act.

They are now discussing how the pilots are trained and screen for all kinds of mental disturbance, flight hours, experience and the like.  They are sort of making a mountain of a mole hill.  Oh, do not get me wrong there is something really wrong with our society and the youth of today.  I have noticed many people between the ages of 22 and 35 doing strange things and having so much anger and destructive behaviours.  I can see this on the news, and on the Internet and in other media.  I do not understand why others do not see it too.  What is happening to the brains in this age group.  Do not tell me that they have a hard life because that is a cop out.  There is something really wrong here and it is not normal. Near the bottom of this article there is a list of the pilots that had crashed planes intentionally.  The ages of them are also listed.  Check it out: DailyMail Germanwings Plane Crash 

Now for the simple solution for the pilots on planes.  It is so simple and would solve all the problems of being locked-out of the cockpit.  All the fluff about mental states and life situations and depression and all that is covering something up.

Why have they not thought of or had it in place from the beginning that all pilots on the plane have a key or key code to the cockpit?  This would prevent someone being locked-out of the cockpit.  It would also insure that anyone who got sick or other mental state that someone could get to them in case of such an emergency.  It is so simple and so cheap and it behoves me to know why they don't have this in place already.

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  1. That is an interesting idea, Debbie. In this case, it was just the copilot who wanted to die. But what if both the pilot and co-pilot were in cohoots against the passengers? Would it not be better for everyone to be able to break in, if necessary?

  2. Then you have the Flight Attendant and I doubt that all three would be in cahoots. That thing in the article above that I got from your FB walls from someone says about a door they can get into the cockpit from. She mentioned that all planes do not have this yet. I post the link in my article. It is very thorough. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I got a bit busy today taking hobs off of hubpages and making the fit on my blogs. That is a lot of work!