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Friday, March 13, 2015

Spring Cleaning and such!

Spring is here and I now it.  The air doesn't though, but the sun does.The air is chilly and in the early Spring it is the old turn the heat on in the morning and turn it off and open the windows in the afternoon.  So the sun is out this morning but it is only 34 degrees right now.  It is going to be getting up into the mid-50's today.  WooooHoooo!

Yesterday my husband was raking the old dead leaves from the gardens and we found some hyacinths popping up out of the ground.  He was going to leave them bare but then I heard on the weather that it was going to below freezing and he had to cover them up again.  We also have some leaf buds on our lilacs bush.

For some odd reason, well maybe not too odd.  I changed the office furniture around last night.  That was started after I cleaned the kitchen floor really good.  That was what started the spring cleaning.  Well actually Charlie the cat started it all when he pulled the water dish across the floor and it got all wet.  I did not have a choice but to mop the floors and clean the standing mats in front of the stove and sink.  That starts me to be akin to a tornado, only it isn't destructive, it is productive.

The bedroom is next tonight.  I have wanted to change it around for weeks and now that I got all this energy we are going to do it tonight, while I still have that energy.  I could do it by myself but there are no handles on the mattress for me to pull it off the bed.  I do not know why they choose not to put them on the mattresses anymore.

I hope that your Spring is going great.  I know the northeast will get another round of snow and that is too bad.  They had had their share this year.  Ohio isn't looking much better with all the ice from the major rivers breaking off and going do stream.  Flooding galore there in those towns.  Not good.

Have a Great Day!

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